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Neil Simon Theatre

250 W 52nd St
New York, NY
United States

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Cher, the mononymous tour-de-force, generally doesn’t need much of an introduction. The one-named tour-de-force has taken the world of pop culture by storm over the past six decades, and her life story has recently found its way onto the Broadway stage. The Cher Show is New York’s latest jukebox musical which recounts Cher’s life story, from her childhood aspirations through her glamorous early adulthood and into her later successful endeavors in music and film – all through Cher’s classic hits! The musical is told in a unique variety show format, using different episodes, characters and songs for each of the various stages of her life. Get swept away by the music, be dazzled by the costumes, and get lost in the true story of Cher’s quest for stardom!


Cherilyn Sarkisian La Piere Bono Allman – better (and more simply) known as Cher. With a glamorous career spanning more than six decades, there are few American entertainers more universally loved than her. With her countless notable contributions to musical, film and television entertainment, the fashion industry and pop culture in general, Cher’s life and climb to fame are at the heart of Broadway’s The Cher Show. The musical innovatively uses three actresses to portrays the diva at three different stages of her life simultaneously: Babe the young hopeful, Lady the stylish chanteuse, and Star the Hollywood icon. The three versions of Cher interact with each other, giving advice and often reflecting on decisions she’s made throughout her career and love life, which provides the audience with a unique perspective inside her spirit. Many of Cher’s close friends and family members are along for the ride, as the musical explores her relationships with her parents, infamous costume designer Bob Mackie, and former spouses Sonny Bono, Gregg Allman and beyond.

From her childhood aspirations of fame, to first meeting Sonny Bono in an LA coffee shop in the 60’s, breaking onto the stage with The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour in the 70’s, breaking through to the film industry in the 80’s, and making a string of musical comebacks in the 90’s and beyond, The Cher Show is an entertaining ride through her epically entertaining life.


What would Cher be without her infamous over-the-top costumes? Producers of The Cher Show knew that they’d need to recreate her most iconic looks in order to keep the musical authentic, so who better to bring on board than the “Sultan of Sequins” himself, Bob Mackie! Cher’s favorite designer agreed to recreate his daring masterpieces for the show and he’s dreamt up some more envelope-pushing styles unique to Broadway. From feather headdresses to sci-fi bikinis and everything in between, there are more sequins, fringe and mirrored tiles shaking across the stage than one could imagine. The Cher Show even includes a memorable fashion show segment which is a clear crowd favorite, bringing audiences to their feet night after night.

Music & Cast

The Cher Show flaunts a chart-topping collection of 35 smash tunes including all the favorites: “I Got You Babe,” “If I Could Turn Back Time,” “Believe,” “A Different King of Love Song” and many more. Songs are craftily paired by musical supervisor Daryl Waters with various scenes to echo what was going on in Cher’s life at a given moment. Directed under the supervision of Jason Moore and choreographed by the ever-talented Christopher Gattelli, the musical’s three incarnations of Cher – Micaela Diamond as Babe, Teal Wicks as Lady, and Stephanie J. Block as Star – sing and dance their way through six decades of spotlight.


Critics and audiences alike have been consistently delighted with The Cher Show. Per Rolling Stone, “The Cher Show is an explosion of fabulous excess!” Its sequins and extravagant costumes have made quite the impression on The New York Post, who says the musical is “Bright and Bedazzling – The Cher Show will leave you moonstruck,” while Time Out New York hails the show as “a delivery system for fabulousness.”

Where To Watch

The Cher Show took Chicago by storm with it’s glamorous premier in June 2018, where it ran through July 2018. After a bit of fine-tuning, the musical broke out on Broadway in New York City at the Neil Simon Theatre in December 2018. Reserve the best tickets now with BroadwayToday and come experience this Cher retrospective in person!

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