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Cort Theatre

138 W 48th St
New York, NY 10036
United States

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About King Lear

A King distributes his kingdom. King Lear wants to leave his throne to his daughters, so he can retire with an entourage of 100 knights and enjoy his remaining years. Before he retires and passes off the future of his kingdom into the hands of his progeniture, the king demands that each of his daughters tells him how much she loves him, so he can decide how to distribute his inheritance amongst the three of them. Daughters Goneril and Regan immediately avow their father’s love, in an effort to reap the rewards. Lear’s favorite daughter Cordelia, on the other hand, cannot rightfully say that her love for her father is her only true love. She does love her father dearly, but she cannot honestly claim that there is only room for this one love in her heart. Lear fails to recognize the true love of his youngest daughter, as his own vanity and infatuation for power blind him. King Lear decides to divide his kingdom amongst the two eldest sisters and leave Cordelia with nothing. Soon, he realizes the error of his ways as Goneril and Regan, who have sworn to love him and protect him, quickly go against their word.

About the Author

William Shakespeare was an English playwright and poet who can to this day be described without exaggeration as the most famous and important playwright in world literature. His 37 dramas and 154 sonnets and have made him immortal. His plays are amongst the most significant and most often performed and filmed stage plays in world literature. Shakespeare’s word has inspired countless authors around the world for centuries. William Shakespeare’s works are quite varied and run the full literary gamut, including comedies, romances, historical dramas and sonnets. He is known to use images to create an active story which comes alive on both paper and stage. His plays are animated with the unique way he uses the English language, and his use of vocabulary was equally diversified; more than 17,500 different words can be found in his works in total. Some of his works we encounter in the theatre as newly interpreted plays such as Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet and Macbeth and also King Lear - just a few of his best-known creations.

Why should go and see the play

This tragic story of a king and his three daughters is nothing new, but a true classic on stage. This year, Shakespeare's tragedy starring Tony and Academy Award winner Glenda Jackson, directed by Tony Award winner Sam Gold, is back on Broadway. Once in every decade, a great actor comes to Broadway and gives a performance that reminds us why we go to the theater. Last year, this actor was Glenda Jackson in Three Tall Women. This season, the living legend is back on Broadway and she masterfully succeeds in embodying the imposing monarch - Glenda Jackson is King Lear. The Tony and two-time Oscar winner plays Lear for 19 weeks only in a brand-new production led by Tony laureat Sam Gold. King Lear is performing at the Cort Theatre in New York until July 7. Don’t miss the chance to be a part of this amazing theatrical extravaganza and get your tickets for King Lear today at BroadwayToday.org.

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