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Go behind the scenes of the story and inside the unforgettable music of The Four Seasons with Jersey Boys! This sing-along-inducing jukebox musical premiered in 2005 and has been delighting audiences around the globe ever since. Told through a documentary-like format, Jersey Boys charts the rise and fall of the 1960’s rock & roll band The Four Seasons alongside the personal lives of its infamous members, Frankie Valli, Tommy DeVito, Bob Gaudio and Nick Massi. Hit the streets of New Jersey and get a backstage look at the trials and tribulations of one of the world’s biggest bands to triumph over the airwaves in the 20th century.


Jersey Boys is distinctly separated into four parts – or seasons, if you will – each with a separate member of The Four Seasons as its narrator. In the first section, Tommy DeVito explains that The Four Seasons grew out of what was originally a street corner trio which included Tommy, his brother Nick DeVito and their friend Nick Massi. The three boys from New Jersey eventually unearth the talents of a fourth man, the young Frankie Castelluccio, who later changes his last name to the more recognizable Valli. The band struggles to find direction while working on polishing their harmonious sound, and its members face similar struggles: Tommy pinballs in and out of prison, and the guys fall in with shady mob boss Gyp DeCarlo.

Bob Gaudio takes the forefront in the second part of the show, explaining how their friend and fellow Jersey boy-turned-actor Joe Pesci was the one to introduce the talents of Frankie Valli to the band, and tells of their gradual evolution into infamous The Four Seasons. Bobby boast about how he penned three songs which ultimately catapulted the band to fame: “Sherry,” “Big Girls Don’t Cry” and “Walk Like A Man.” The Four Seasons tour all over the country performing for swooning fans, yet their absence from home and the price of fame strains personal relationship until they break.

Part three takes more of a dark turn when Nick Massi unveils that perhaps fame isn’t all it’s cracked up to be: secret debt, jealousy and involvement with loan sharks lands the quartet in hot water, and the band begins to splinter. And finally, in the fourth portion of the show, Frankie Valli tells of the departure of disgruntled band members and shifting band dynamics, despite a string of successful hits, and ultimately personal tragedy. Throughout the show, Jersey Boys gives plenty of context and insight into the myriad of hit songs the band is performing, providing an inside look into the musical genius of The Four Seasons. And fret not – Jersey Boys finishes on a high note, as The Four Seasons are being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Book your Broadway tickets to see this electrifying tale chock full of golden oldies today and get ready to sing along!


Jersey Boys is uniquely structured into four distinct “seasons” of the band’s history, and each is narrated by a different member of the band who provides his own unique perspective on the Jersey Boys story and its music. The first section of the show represents the group’s spring and is narrated by Tommy DeVito, while summer is told by Bob Gaudio, fall by Nick Massi, and Winter recounted by Frankie Valli. Curiously, sometimes the bandmates’ accounts of how the story actually played out are contradictory, however that’s what makes the show feel so realistic – witnesses to the same event often have varying takes on what actually happened, and the Jersey Boys tale is no different. And unlike most Broadway hits, this show is really about a band – not a dance troupe – so you won’t find endlessly choreographed dance numbers, but instead see more of The Four Seasons’ characteristic synchronized moves as they sing. From their synchronized movements to their loyalty to one another even in the toughest of times, Jersey Boys conveys a strong sense of unity and brotherhood, to which many male theatergoers can especially relate.

Music & Cast

Jersey Boys boasts original music by Bob Gaudio and lyrics by Bob Crewe, and a book by Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice. Chart-topping hits by The Four Seasons are featured heavily throughout the show’s thirty-five musical numbers, including legendary songs like “December 1963 (Oh, What A Night),” “Walk Like A Man,” “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” and “Big Girls Don’t Cry,” and the performance often turns into a sing-along as these catchy hits from the 60’s and 70’s still resonate with audiences today. The current New York off-Broadway cast showcases the talents of Austin Colby as Bob Gaudio, Aaron De Jesus portraying Frankie Vallie, Mark Edwards starring as Nick Massi, and Sam Wolf in the role of Tommy DeVito.


If there’s one thing Jersey Boys has been applauded for time and time again, it’s the show’s ability to capture the very essence of the 1960s. The New York Post praises the musical as “dynamically alive in music, while, as a drama, it catches the very texture, almost the actual smell, of the time.” From the costumes to the music, step into the theater and let Jersey Boys take you back to a beloved bygone era. Thanks to its show-stopping hit tunes and engaging behind-the-scenes look at the rise and fall of The Four Seasons, Jersey Boys is the winner of 4 Tony Awards including Best Musical, 2 Drama Desk Awards, a Grammy for Best Musical Show Album, and a Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Musical.

Where To Watch

Jersey Boys made its Broadway debut in November of 2005 and had a long, successful run until closing in January 2017, only to reopen off-Broadway at a smaller theater later that same year - audiences in New York can still catch the show at the New World Stages, where it’s been running ever since. The musical is a West End staple in London and has also been staged in Las Vegas, Chicago and Toronto, with additional tours across Asia, Australia and beyond. Jersey Boys’ current North American tour will bring it to cities including Toronto, Chicago, Providence, Atlanta and more – book your seats to see this fantastic show in a city near you now with BroadwayToday, and you’re sure to leave the theater with only one thought: Oh, what a night!

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