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St. James Theatre

246 W 44th St.
New York, NY
United States

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Take one of the most successful animated films of recent years, very talented voices of the musical industry and combine it with a big stage – you’ve got the perfect theater experience for the whole family. The 2013 Disney animated film Frozen celebrated huge success worldwide and was later transformed into a Broadway hit which opened in spring of 2018. While the cinematic and theatrical versions are new, the original story was written by Hans Christian Andersen back in 1937. Grossing about $1.2 billion in revenue, Frozen became the most successful animated film of all time - the fact that the Broadway musical is such a success comes as no surprise!


A dark secret surrounds the king of Arendelle’s daughter Elsa. Elsa's little sister Anna plunges into a daring and exciting adventure to save the country and its people. As in any good fairy tale or fantasy movie, of course, she get plenty of support along the way. Joining her are Kristoff, a charming, good-looking adventurer, the fun reindeer Sven with the lopsided antlers, and Olaf, the somewhat crazy snowman from childhood days. To save the kingdom of Arendelle from the Ice Death, the four must embark on some thrilling adventures along their journey to conquer evil. Olaf and Sven provide plenty of comic relief during the adventure, and for the first time in Disney's history, a stunningly beautiful princess is rescued not by a prince, but by a sibling.


The huge accomplishment of the film, which received numerous awards, such as Oscars for Best Animated Film and the Best Film Song “Let It Go,” laid the foundation for the musical theater adaptation. What could be more exciting for audiences than to bring this film to a big stage with live Disney music, complete with a large orchestra and grandiose voices? The theatrical sensation is a successful mix that’s still reminiscent of the cinema classic, yet a uniquely musical experience in a very special form. The Disney theatrical's Frozen on Broadway musical was nominated for three Tony Awards for Best Musical, Best Book of a Musical and Best Original Score Written for the Theatre.

Cast & Music

Hardly any Disney movies of recent years have been as successful as Frozen. Many would claim the movie promised a great outcome thanks to the impressive talents of animated cast member such as Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel. While neither Kristen Bell nor Idina Menzel take the stage for the Broadway production, its success and renown certainly did not suffer. The highly anticipated musical Frozen began its performances at Broadway’s St. James Theatre on February 22, 2018. The show stars Patti Murin as Anna, Caissie Levy as Elsa, Jelani Alladin as Kristoff the reindeer, Greg Hildreth as Olaf the Snowman, John Riddle as Hans, and Robert Creighton as Duke of Weselton.

Pop icon Cyndi Lauper's tunes such as “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” and “Time After Time” greatly contribute to the show’s triumph. She created an explosive hit by penning new songs for Broadway like “Take What you Got,” “Land of Lola,” “Raise You Up” and the list goes on! One thing is certain: these songs become instant earworms sure to follow you for days. Kinky Boots doesn't get pigeonholed, which makes the play a lot more interesting for so many different viewers. The production isn't just a musical - it's also a big, colorful show with parties and glittering disco nights. It’s a feast for the eyes with glitter and flashes as far as the eye can see. The energy of Kinky Boots is so infectious that spectators can’t help but jump up to sing and dance along!

Walt Disney immediately realized enormous potential of the song “Let it Go” from Frozen. Idina Menzel, who sang the track in her vocal role as Queen Elsa in the movie, initiated the hype around the song, but in an effort to turn the song into a major hit, Demi Lovato was asked to record the tune as a single. The soundtrack for the musical involved the talents of Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez who had already written the music for the film version, including the Oscar winning song “Let It Go.” In addition to its infamous movie soundtrack hits, the Broadway show also Includes 12 brand new songs, which were written just for the Broadway production.


New musicals hit Broadway's big stages all the time, but not all of them can meet the viewers’ high hopes. Frozen the musical, on the other hand, not only met but exceeded audience expectations. The show has cast a spell over audiences young and old, and even the media has fallen in love. Vanity Fair calls it “The Hottest Snow on Broadway” and “A Brilliant Spectacular, Jaw Dropping and Poingnant”. WNBC refers to it as “A Can’t Miss Broadway Event” and Good Morning America thinks “You’ve never seen Frozen like this!”


Every year there is an absolute crowd favorite musical on Broadway. Disney is now sending by far the most lucrative film in recent years to the heart of New York's Broadway. Frozen is the timeless tale of two sisters, torn apart by an unexplainable secret. As one young princess battles with her power and is trying to find her voice, the other princess embarks on an incredible journey to reunite her family. Immerse yourself in the freezing world of Frozen the musical, which is now playing at the St. James Theater in New York City. Despite its chilly title, you can’t help but leave the theater filled with a warm and happy feeling!

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