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Address & Directions

Stage 42

422 West 42nd Street
New York, NY 10019
United States

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Broadway favorite Fiddler on the Roof is back – and this time, all in Yiddish! The National Yiddish Theatre Folksbiene has returned to the Big Apple, and much to audiences’ delight A Fidler afn Dakh is back in New York at Stage 42. Hearkening back to the time the play is set, the story of Fiddler is told in Yiddish (complete with English and Russian subtitles), bringing authentic historical framework to the Russian village of Anatevka in which the musical is set.

The beloved story of Tevye and his quest to balance his headstrong daughters with the traditions of his faith is a tale for the ages made even more authentic through its revival in Yiddish.


Fiddler On The Roof tells the story of Tevye, an impoverished Jewish milkman, and his family who are living in Anatevka, Russia in the early 1900’s. Tevye’s wife Golde and his five daughters Tzeitel, Hodel, Chava, Shprintze and Bielke are all aflutter as the local matchmaker Yente works to find suitable husbands for Tevye’s eldest girls. As Tevye’s family is far from wealthy, tradition holds that his daughters should not be picky and agree to marry whoever the matchmaker can pair her with. Tzeitel, Hodel and Chava have their own ideas, and much prefer to marry for love instead of convenience.

Unconventional couples lead to broken promises, hurt feelings and the casting aside of long-standing traditions – personal upheaval mirroring the concurrent political unrest swirling around in Imperial Russia. Tevye grapples to loosen his grip on his long-held beliefs and customs, trying to both appease his daughters and ensure his family’s safety from the increasingly violent, politically motivated anti-Semitic incidents taking place around his village. In Tevye’s eyes, his family is living in uncertain times and their fate is balanced as precariously as a fiddler on a steeply-pitched roof. Will Tevye finally come to terms with modernity, blessing his daughters’ marriages to unconventionally chosen husbands? And more importantly, can his family navigate the precarious political climate to find a peaceful, prosperous life in Russia? Reserve your tickets for Fiddler On The Roof today, and discover the ending in person!


While Fiddler On The Roof is a well-known, much beloved Broadway musical, this new Yiddish rendition is unlike anything audiences have seen before. The authentic linguistic framework brings an element of historical and cultural genuineness, helping viewers connect even further with the story and its characters emotional turmoil. Spectators will find that the English and Russian subtitles projected onto the simplistic paper and fabric paneled set are almost superfluous, as the story is performed with such veracity and passion by the actors that its meaning can be grasped at a deeply human level. Fiddler On The Roof takes the Yiddish language and incorporates it as one of the show’s central characters, breathing fresh new life into an audience-favorite.

Music & Cast

Steven Skybell steals the spotlight as Tevye, delivering powerful melodies bursting with the story’s main themes of distress and uncertainty. Theater critic David Gordon hails Skybell’s performance as “unquestionably beautiful, thoroughly devastating and completely satisfying.” Tevye’s daughters are powerfully cast as well, with Rachel Zatcoff starring as Tsaytl, Stephanie Lynne Mason as Hodl, and Rosie Joe Neddy as Khave. Jennifer Babiak appears as Tevye’s stern wife Golde, and Emmy-nominated actor Jackie Hoffman portrays the matchmaker Yente. Adeptly directed by Tony award-winner Joel Grey and artfully choreographed by Staś Kmieć, Fiddler On The Roof is sure to delight!


Fiddler On The Roof has a long list of awards from previous Broadway runs, including nine Tony Awards for the original production as well as nine Tony nominations for various revivals. The show’s Yiddish reinterpretation has been hailed as the most authentic version of the story yet to grace the stage, breathing refreshing new life into the plight of the Russian Jewish community and animating the story in an authentic milieu. Audiences agree – the show has been so well-received that its run has been prolonged, extending performances into September 2019 instead of its original closing scheduled for June.

Where To Watch

Audiences can catch Fiddler On The Roof off-Broadway at Stage 42, where it premiered in February 2019 and is scheduled to run through September 1, 2019. Don’t miss your chance to experience this refreshing rendition of the classic tale in person – reserve your tickets for Fiddler On The Roof today!

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