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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: The New Broadway musical Dear Evan Hansen, winner of numerous Tony Awards, including Best Musical, was welcomed as “One of the most remarkable shows in musical theatre history” by The Washington Post, shows a world where no one can and wants to escape the craziness of social media. A letter that falls into the wrong hands. A lie that continues to spread. And a teenager getting between the fronts. Dear Evan Hansen – a salutation, three words that change an entire life, and a plot that unsparingly holds up the mirror to today's society. The new Broadway drama tells the story of high school student Evan, who fights for a true identity and interpersonal relationships amongst the impersonal, never-ending social media world.


The musical opens with the tragic suicide of a student named Connor. Connors parents find a letter to fellow student Evan Hanson. It turns out Evan's letter was written by Evan himself as part of his therapy, which he started because of his anxiety. He becomes increasingly entangled in a devastating but unintentionally lie. Although Connor and Evan did not know each other, Evan fakes a friendship between him and Connor to Connor's family to help them with their grief. As a result, he is evolving for the public from a lone outsider to a Samaritan – at least as long as he can keep his secret to himself. It is now up to him to decide whether, driven by the public and constant nature of the internet, he continues down the path of untruth, or whether he tells the truth, thereby destroying his relationships, which he forged through the evil seduction of the lie.


The musical Dear Evan Hansen made its world premiere at the Arena Stage in Washington DC, with "Pitch Perfect" star Ben Platt, in the summer of 2015. In April of 2016 the musical premiered Off Broadway at Second Stage Theater in New York and quickly became an absolute insider tip. Tickets for the entire season, which ran until May, were completely sold out in just a short period of time. It was clear, that the show will go on and the musical would pick up in December of 2016 at the Belasco Theater. But in the business of the theater world, there are speculation that some Broadway houses are better than others. When the Music Box, of about the same size as the Belasco and operated by the same Organization, became accessible, the Musical announced Dear Evan Hansel will open at the Music Box Theatre instead. A few months later Dear Even was nominated in nine categories, including best musical. Today the Musical is the winner of six Tony Awards, including Best Musical with a national tour that began in October of 2018.

Cast & Music

Ben Platt, who has been known for the film “Pitch Perfect” reached huge success in 2017, thanks to his role in Dear Evan Hansen. At the 2017 Tony awards he took home the award for Leading Actor in a Musical reflecting on his journey from theatre beginner to a Broadway professional. Laura Dreyfuss, who was part of the original cast of Dear Evan Hansen, made her Broadway debut in 2011 in Hair the Musical. Laura is best known for the role as Madison McCarthy in the Fox television Glee.

Pop icon Cyndi Lauper's tunes such as “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” and “Time After Time” greatly contribute to the show’s triumph. She created an explosive hit by penning new songs for Broadway like “Take What you Got,” “Land of Lola,” “Raise You Up” and the list goes on! One thing is certain: these songs become instant earworms sure to follow you for days. Kinky Boots doesn't get pigeonholed, which makes the play a lot more interesting for so many different viewers. The production isn't just a musical - it's also a big, colorful show with parties and glittering disco nights. It’s a feast for the eyes with glitter and flashes as far as the eye can see. The energy of Kinky Boots is so infectious that spectators can’t help but jump up to sing and dance along!

The score of Dear Evan Hansen itself is considered a prime example of emotional songs that speak to teens and adults, both deeply personal and profoundly contemporary. The tracking list is without a doubt a real tearjerker and the songs are unforgettable due to their heartfelt nature. The audience gets pulled in the story line by songs such as Waving through a Window, You Will be Found and If I could Tell her. The musical is remarkable for its ability to make a direct and powerful impression on anyone.


Dear Evan Hansen has struck a remarkable chord with audiences and critics everywhere. The New York Times calls it “a gorgeous new musical for anyone with beating heart”. Through its moving, watchful and extremely present history, Dear Evan Hansen magnetically attracts visitors of all generations. As the action on stage reflects the lives of young viewers, adults celebrate the play's parenting figures, who suddenly see their traditional understanding of family fall apart in today's ever-evolving society. And all this against the backdrop of a set design consisting of Facebook banners, Twitter feeds and scrolling screens that reflects the constant flow of the Chatter community.


As a member of The Broadway Collection, Dear Evan Hansen is now part of New York City's highly regarded musicals and shows, chosen based on its popularity with its’ diverse audience. Witness the stunning performance and Come and see Dear Evan Hansen the musical, live. The reviews are phenomenal, NBA Nightly News thinks the musical is “An inspirational anthem resonating on Broadway and beyond. Dear Evan Hansen is a message of hope shining on center stage for all to see.” So, don’t miss out and get your tickets today.

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