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Inspired by actual events, Come From Away is a powerful musical which explores the human response to tragedy and the warm hospitality of strangers. The show is set in the days immediately following the September 11th terror attacks of 2001 and shadows a group of stranded travelers whose planes are diverted to Canada as US airspace remains closed. Nearly 7,000 voyagers from 100 different countries disembark from 38 grounded planes at Gander International Airport and fan out on the tiny town of Gander, Newfoundland. The town’s infrastructure is ill-equipped to handle the sudden influx of visitors, which nearly doubles its modest population over the course of a few hours – when Gander’s 550 hotel rooms quickly fill up, its welcoming citizens instantly step up to feed, shelter and comfort the displaced passengers for five days until they can safely continue to their original destinations. A story of kindness in the face of uncertainty, Come From Away examines the extraordinary victory of humanity over hatred and shows the strong bonds that unite us all, even in the darkest moments.


Like their fellow citizens across the globe, residents of Gander are shocked and saddened to learn of the tragic 9/11 terror attacks unfolding in the United States. As the authorities scramble to clear the skies of air traffic to prevent further tragedies, 38 flights from Europe are forced to alter course and land in Newfoundland, where the grounded planes sit on the tarmac for hours in uncertainty. Once the coast is clear, all 7,000 passengers descend upon the town of Gander, a quaint Canadian village which receives them all with open arms.

The stranded travelers are from all walks of life, hailing from 100 countries with dozens of ethnicities, handfuls of religious beliefs, and a multitude of native languages. Caught up in such uncertainty – when can they head home? Are their families safe? Will there be further attacks? – the weary voyagers are at first wary of the people of Gander’s hospitality, but as they all need food and a warm place to lay their heads, the foreigners have little choice but to embrace the locals’ hospitality. At first, they can’t help but focus on their differences, but thanks to some song and dance at the town bar, the “Plane People” decide that they have much more in common with the locals than they could have imagined. Conversations about shared life experiences, faith and family values lead to unanticipated solidarity and the forging of lifelong friendships. Come From Away revisits the outpouring of Canadian kindness that kindled a light of hope during some of America’s most uncertain days.


While upwards of 16,000 people came together in Gander during the course of those fateful days, Come From Away makes use of a talented cast of only a dozen actors to portray a multitude of their stories. The tales recounted in the musical are drawn from actual interviews with the citizens of Gander and the “Come From Aways,” the passengers who weren’t native to Newfoundland. Each cast member wears various hats during the performance to powerfully represent an assortment of different characters, in an effort to convey the stories of so many people during this 100-minute production.

Music & Cast

Come From Away is a musical whose story and music were written by Irene Sankoff and David Hein. Much like the play’s stranded voyagers, its music is inspired by a wide variety of world music, including Gaelic influences from the British Isles, folk tunes and rock elements. The show is unique with its 8-piece on-stage band, which plays world instruments including fiddles, pennywhistles, accordions and bodhrán drums.

The show’s multitalented cast members perform chameleonic roles, morphing from one story-telling character to the next. Among them are Harter Clingman as Gander’s mayor Oz Fudge, Julie Johnson as Beulah Davis, Danielle K. Thomas as Hannah O’Rourke, and Megan McGinnis as Bonnie Harris.


As of October 2018, Come From Away holds the record as the longest-running Canadian musical in Broadway history. The Broadway production has been nominated for 7 Tony Awards, winning for Best Direction of a Musical, and has also received 3 Drama Desk Awards and 5 Outer Critics Circle Awards.

Where To Watch

Come From Away was first staged in Ontario in 2013, and made its official opening two years later in Seattle in 2015. The musical then moved on to a stint in Washington, DC and then in Toronto in 2016 before finally opening in New York in March 2017. Fans can see Come From Away on Broadway at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre.

Additional productions have popped up in Winnipeg, Toronto and Dublin, with future shows slated to open in London and Australia in 2019. Fans can look forward to its North American tour, which is bringing the award-winning production to places like California, British Columbia, Alberta, Florida and beyond. Don’t wait – get your tickets for this hopeful and cathartic tale of unbridled humanity on BroadwayToday now.

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