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None other than musical god Andrew Lloyd Webber could come up with the idea of making a musical out of T. S. Eliot's cat poems. The Oscar, Golden Globe and Grammy Award winner took on T. S. Eliot's novel "Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats," and turned the book, which is usually read to children to help them fall asleep, into a successful musical. For the adaptation, Webber teamed up with award-winning director Trevor Nunn, turning the poems into a cohesive concept that can be told as a story. Andrew Lloyd Webber then composed the appropriate music. Together, Webber and Nunn created a musical that would conquer the world. On May 11, 1981, Cats the musical premiered at the New London Theatre in London's West End. Just a year later, the Broadway premiere followed on October 7, 1982, at the Winter Garden Theatre in New York.


When Andrew Lloyd Webber and Trevor Nunn set out to transform T. S. Eliot's cat poems into their musical, they took great care to ensure that the play didn’t just become a children’s musical with cats. Instead, they decided that the actions of cats should mirror people's lives so that the audience can identify with the cats and connect through their own experiences. Every spectator might find a cat figure with a character trait just like theirs which could be brave, evil, glamorous or attractive. Cats the musical tells the story of a cat pack that meets annually at a scrapyard for the Jellicle Ball, where they pick a cat who is given the chance of a second life. The key character in the musical is Grizabella. She was once a celebrated stage star, gorgeous to look at and popular. Now she has grown old, hunched over, poor and desperate and is being outcast by the cat community. The wise Old Deuteronomy helps her regain her lost recognition once again.


Composer Andrew Lloyd Webber dazzles the audience with his music – not only did the song “Memory” become a hit, but the entire musical did as well. In London alone, it has been performed nearly 9,000 times; on Broadway, it went live 7,485 times in 18 years. Cats is consistently being staged by the most diverse theaters and musical troupes across the globe. A testament to its success, Cats the musical received seven Tony Awards back in 1983. It was recognized as the best musical, for best score, for best book, best director, best costumes, best lighting as well as for best supporting actress.

Music & Creator

Cats is arguably the most magical musical in the world. Imagination and elegance combine in Andrew Lloyd Webber's masterpiece of stirring music, eye-catching dance and spectacular costumes to create an exciting Broadway show. Betty Buckley stars as Grizabella, and her well-known song “Memory” has been interpreted over 150 times by high-profile artists, including Barbra Streisand, Johnny Mathis and Elaine Paige; Barry Manilow even made the top 40 charts with his rendition of the song. Cats’ songs make the musical an unforgettable experience.

Andrew Lloyd Webber has amazed people with his talent as an international recognized musical mastermind for over three decades now. To this day, Webber celebrates huge successes with musicals like Jesus Christ Superstar, The Phantom of the Opera and Cats not only as a composer but also a writer and director. Andrew Lloyd Webber has received the most prestigious prizes, including an Oscar, several Tony Awards, Golden Globes and Grammy Awards.


The whole ensemble is characterized by excellent dancers, who show an impressive body movement and dance the elaborate choreographies of Gillian Lynne to the spot – the cat-like movements seem almost natural and by no means silly. The performers can also be vocally convincing with many powerful voices that can be heard in the solos of the many smaller roles. Cats is and will remain a classic that has been excellently implemented on this tour. In addition to the well-known music of Andrew Lloyd Webber, the actors are the highlight of this production, which can only be recommended.


The musical invites you to an imaginative evening of dance and music. Get carried away by the musical classic by Andrew Lloyd Webber and spend an unforgettable evening at the location of your choice! Be enchanted by the stunning musical when Grizabella tunes her emotional song, which is so stirring it’s sure to give you goosebumps. Experience Cats for the first time while it inspires a new generation. The musical Cats is back and people from coast to coast can become part of this spectacular – reserve your tickets to see the musical live today!

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