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Address & Directions

Astor Place Theatre

434 Lafayette St
New York, NY 10003
United States

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Blue Man Group puts on a show like no other! Join the trio of eccentric, cobalt blue men as they take the audience on a sensory-rich journey of rock music, comedy, theatrics and wild dance party. With stunning visuals, one-of-a-kind instruments, and plenty of audience participation, you’ll be amazed that the entire eclectic show is performed without the Blue Men uttering a single word. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a single participant in the crowd who isn’t cracking a smile as their playfulness on stage is quite simply contagious. The Blue Man Group’s entertaining power is universal, crossing cultural and linguistic barriers to toast the human connection that unites audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Continuously running after their debut in 1991, the Blue Man Group has shared their unique show with over 35 million people in 25 countries – come be part of the spectacle yourself!


What do you get when you mix three bald blue men, wacky one-of-a-kind musical instruments and non-verbal comedy? A Blue Man Group show, of course! While audiences have a hard time putting a label on the unique show or describing exactly what it is that they’ve just experienced, rest assured that you’re in for a real treat. Blue Man Group is perfect for audiences of all ages and cultural backgrounds, and as the show has no dialogue, it’s perfectly suited for people who speak any language! The show draws on humanity’s collective quirks and its multi-sensory, joyful interactions unite crowds from all corners of the globe, drawing from the common thread of music, rhythm and physical comedy that is universally recognized. Come experience unique instruments which look like they were thrown together from home improvement store scraps, such as the half-drum, half-trombone PVC pipe-crafted Drumbone, don a poncho in the “splash zone” to get sprayed by the colorful music of the paint drums, and discover all the zany ways that only the Blue Men can get you to laugh!


With more than 18,000 buckets of paint getting plashed each year, and nearly 25,000 drumsticks snapped to date, it’s easy to see that the Blue Man Group has no shortage of energy. Their reliance on universal body language closes any sort of cultural, linguistic or age gaps which might normally divide audience members outside the theater, instead uniting spectators and sparking a jubilee of genuine human kinship

One thing’s for certain: if you’ve never attended a Blue Man Group performance before, we can guarantee that the show is unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced. Where else can you find a hodgepodge of physical comedy on stage, the use of crunchy cereal as a percussion instrument, endless audience participation, and even a sketch revolving around a Twinkie? The show effortlessly weaves together seemingly unrelated themes spanning everything from our daily information overload to self-awareness and naïveté. Simply put, Blue Man Group puts on a vaudeville-esque show to top all shows – so what are you waiting for? Reserve your tickets for this phenomenal spectacle today!

Music & Cast

Blue Man Group’s music and book were sprung from the creative minds of the show’s original creators Matt Goldman, Phil Stanton and Chris Wink who dreamt up the show starting back in 1987. With more than 70 Blue Men around the world, the purposefully anonymous cast is always rotating, adding to the show’s mystique – who’s actually hiding under all that gooey blue grease paint? The audience may never know (and honestly probably will have a hard time telling the cast members apart), and that’s perfectly ok!

Backed by a talented live rock band, the Blue Man Group has even released multiple albums over the years, including an instrumental album showcasing their inimitable instruments called Audio, The Complex, which joins the vocal talents of guest artists such as Gavin Rossdale and Dave Matthews with the unique instrumental sounds of the Blue Men, and Three, which melds a variety of the group’s work.


The Blue Man Group has made waves around the world, delighting audiences and critics alike. The show is the laureate of an Obie Award as well as a Drama Desk Award, and has also been nominated for a Grammy Award, just to name a few. Described as imaginative, modern, quirky and unusually participatory, Blue Man Group is a stand alone theatrical experience! Book your tickets today and discover this cultural phenomenon firsthand!

Where To Watch

Blue Man Group often performs in smaller, intimate theaters where audiences are never too far from the action on the stage, so they can be fully-immersed in the show. Currently, fans can experience Blue Man Group shows off-Broadway in New York at the Astor Place Theatre, in residence at Boston’s Charles Playhouse, Chicago’s Briar Street Theater, at Vegas’ Luxor, and touring around the world. Find a Blue Man Group performance near you and buy the best tickets today!

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