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American Airlines Theatre

227 W 42nd St
New York, NY 10036
United States

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All My Sons is back at home on Broadway! Written for Broadway by esteemed playwright Arthur Miller in 1947, the production was staged in New York from 1947 through 1949, and even adapted for the cinema in 1948 and once again in 1987. Now All My Sons is back in the Big Apple with an all-star cast featuring Tracy Letts, Annette Bening and Benjamin Walker as Joe, Kate and Chris Keller, respectively.

Based on a true story which surfaced in the news on the heels of World War II, All My Sons tells the tale of the tragic consequences stemming from neglectful business decisions of top executives at an aeronautical firm and the resulting fallout once their secrets finally come to light. The Keller family is faced with the ultimate day of reckoning, forcing them to recalibrate moral compasses and accept the myriad of fateful consequences resulting from hastily taken actions.


As the curtain rises, the audience is immediately thrust into the chaotic action at the Deever family’s Ohio home. It’s 1947 and Joe and his wife Kate are desperately trying to seek out some divine message through their son Larry’s horoscope – he disappeared 3 years ago while serving his country during World War II, and though most people believe him to be dead, his mother is still holding out hope that he’s alive. The Deever’s other son, Chris, is resolute in his belief that his brother will never be coming home and wants to make a move to propose to Larry’s former girlfriend Ann, with whom he’s been corresponding since his brother’s disappearance. A larger issue further unites Ann and Chris’ families, however: Ann’s father Steve and Chris’ father Joe were former business partners at a munitions factory. Following a series of tragic disasters tied to their joint business venture, Steve was convicted of selling cracked cylinder heads to the Air Force, which led to massive engine failures and the consequent deaths of 21 pilots. Following their trial, Joe was exonerated yet Steve was sent to prison. A big question still lingers over both families: was Larry’s disappearance linked to one of these faulty plane engines?

Tensions flare as Chris and Ann’s relationship develops, and the Deever family is forced to confront reality as deep secrets are quickly brought to light. Where does the truth really lie, and how have the consequences of various decisions impacted both families? More importantly, can they move past previous tragedy and pursue a brighter future? From greed and denial to anger and agony, come uncover the truth in person with tickets to All My Sons!


Even though All My Sons’ story takes place more than 70 years ago, its themes remain relevant today and continue to strike a chord with audiences. From current event stories about war profiteering to corporate greed, double-crossing business execs and even the recent tragedies involving faulty Boeing 737 and 787 airplanes, audiences can certainly relate to the central characters’ trials and tribulations and empathize with their pathos.


All My Sons’ star-studded cast delivers top-notch performances, ensuring a packed house at nearly every show. Jack O’Brien is at the helm of this Broadway revival as director, with Tony-winning playwright and actor Tracy Letts starring as Joe Keller, alongside Tony and Oscar nominee Annette Bening as his wife Kate, and American Psycho’s Benjamin Walker as their son Chris. Francesca Carpanini embraces the role of Ann Deever, while Hampton Fluker embodies her brother George.


Nominated for multiple Tony Awards this season including Best Revival of a Play, Best Actress in a Play (Annette Bening) and Best Featured Actor in a Play (Benjamin Walker), All My Sons is delighting audiences and critics alike. The Observer reports that it’s “the best show of the season. This is as good as it gets.” Wall Street Journal lauds the performance, saying that “to see it is a blessing,” while Variety confirms that the story “packs a wallop all its own.”

Where To Watch

Theater fans can catch All My Sons on Broadway at the American Airlines Theater, where it has been running since April 2019. The play runs for 2 hours and 15 minutes with one fifteen-minute intermission. Don’t wait – All My Sons is only in New York until June 30, 2019, so be sure to reserve the best tickets now with BroadwayToday!

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